Accompanying you on your care journey

  • Understanding Psoriasis.
  • Managing your treatment.
  • Communicating with healthcare professionals.
  • Talking about Psoriasis.
  • An algorithm adapts the application and its content to your needs and difficulties.

Strengthen the therapeutic alliance

  • A medication reminder for better compliance with your treatment.
  • An overview of the different treatments to be taken (topical, injectable, oral, etc.).
  • Medical appointment preparation, allowing you to record your upcoming appointments, set reminders, and access a checklist to help you prepare.
  • Optimize discussions during the consultation.

Ideal support for an optimal experience

A Symptom Diary and a Plaque Diary provide you with all the tools you need to better manage your symptoms and the possible side effects of your treatment.

Thanks to this diary, you can track the evolution of your symptoms and communicate them to your healthcare professionals.

Information and advice on each symptom are provided through coaching sessions, as well as short videos explaining what your symptoms are.

An evolving, tailor-made fun course

A battle quiz to learn while having fun and challenging other users.

This program aims to provide an overview of the pathology.

Dr. Philippe Beaulieu

Dermatologist and project partner

The TAVIE-PsoTM application combines new technologies and personalization to offer patients the best possible support. Simple and easy to use, this tool enables patients to create their own profiles to access reliable content that addresses the questions they have.

Patients have tested it and are satisfied

France Psoriasis invited 20 patients to test the first version of the application in July 2020.


Think the app helps them better understand their disease.


Think that virtual coaching is the most useful feature.


Were very satisfied with the photo option for monitoring symptoms.


Believe that this application has made it easier for them to communicate about their psoriasis with those around them.


Of tested patients, would recommend TAVIE-PsoTM to other psoriasis sufferers.


were very satisfied with the photo option for monitoring symptoms.

Press coverage

An evolving, tailor-made fun course

TAVIE-PsoTM was co-constructed with France Psoriasis and the Amgen laboratory, revolutionizing the way patients and their experiences are supported in their care.

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Prix Galien 2020

Nous sommes fiers de vous annoncer que nous sommes en sélection officielle du Prix Galien 2020 avec TAVIE-PsoTM.

L’application TAVIE-PsoTM a été co-construite avec France Psoriasis et le laboratoire Amgen et constitue une révolution majeure dans l’accompagnement du patient et de ses expériences dans son parcours de soins.

Au bénéfice d’une alliance thérapeutique plus forte.

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